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Die Springs

How to filter our springs

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To find the correct spring for your application, you can filter the springs using the filter in the right hand column. Filter by diameter, wire diameter, length, spring rate, max load and price range.

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Item NumberHole Diameter Free Length Wire Size Rod Diameter 1/8 Deflect Max Pressure Max Deflection Price
MH-1003/811/16 x 1/323/164.325 LBS0.4$3.0935
MH-1013/81 1/21/16 x 1/323/168.425 LBS0.6$4.0595
MH-1023/821/16 x 1/323/166.325 LBS0.7$4.439
MH-1033/82 1/21/16 x 1/323/165.325 LBS0.9$4.8185
MH-1043/831/16 x 1/323/163.825 LBS1.1$5.382
MH-1101/213/32 x 3/641/42140 LBS0.4$2.346
MH-1111/21 1/23/32 x 3/641/41540 LBS0.6$2.7485
MH-1121/223/32 x 3/641/410.840 LBS0.7$3.45
MH-1131/22 1/23/32 x 3/641/48.540 LBS0.9$3.8525
MH-1141/233/32 x 3/641/47.140 LBS1.1$4.2665
MH-1151/23 1/23/32 x 3/641/45.940 LBS1.3$4.7495
MH-1205/811/16 x 1/85/1634.650 LBS0.4$2.8865
MH-1215/81 1/21/16 x 1/85/1623.850 LBS0.6$3.3925
MH-1225/821/16 x 1/85/1618.550 LBS0.7$3.91
MH-1235/82 1/21/16 x 1/85/1614.450 LBS0.9$4.2895
MH-1245/831/16 x 1/85/1612.550 LBS1.1$4.6575
MH-1255/83 1/21/16 x 1/85/1610.650 LBS1.3$5.267
MH-1265/841/16 x 1/85/169.550 LBS1.5$5.5775